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I'm not going to be debunking that #pseudoarchaeology show, partly because I don't think that works, but mostly because I really don't want to watch it. But I will take the opportunity to share the #philosophy/ #archaeology paper that Derek Turner (@wiserthanddt) and I published on how pseudoarchaeology works and the racism behind it. Find it here:

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Excited to come across the beta of a version of Internet Archive focused on academic journal articles. The version for books is fantastic, so am hopeful about this:

(but surprised that it apparently starts with 'eighteenth-century journals', rather than 17thC journals... #JournalDesScavans is available on #Gallica; #PhilosophicalTransactions is available from #RoyalSociety)

Every month is finish this academic writing project month.

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The moisture plume from the Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant cooling pools north of Richland is visible on satellite imagery today surrounded by low clouds/fog.

#TriCities #wawx #weather #wxtooter

Respect for the ancestors!

"Ancient fish teeth reveal earliest sign of cooking" BBC

"Human beings used fire to cook food hundreds of thousands of years earlier than previously thought, an Israeli-led group of researchers has suggested.

They found evidence in the 780,000-year-old remains of a huge carp-like fish discovered in northern Israel.

The scientists noted 'the transition from eating raw food to eating cooked food had dramatic implications for human development and behaviour'.

The previous earliest evidence of cooking dated from about 170,000 BC

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Happy release day for my book #Traumaofcaste! We are relishing our publication day and want to celebrate with you! Please sign up on eventbrite and join @prachispatankar and @brothercornelwest as we create space for healing and caste abolition. Join us! #jaibhim

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Hello! We're the Public Philosophy Journal, an open access, digital-only journal that offers an open forum for the curation and creation of accessible scholarship that deepens understanding of, deliberation about, and action concerning issues of public relevance.

We're passionate about open scholarship, working with communities, and fostering more sustainable and equitable scholarly publishing practices, especially around peer review. We're over at Michigan State University with and @cplong.

All of our articles are open access and can be found on our website We have some exciting stuff coming out in the near future.

Looking forward to the conversations we'll have with all of you here in the federated space. 👋

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🎉 #Mastodon 4.0 is out now! This server software update includes a ton of improvements, like following hashtags, translating posts, editing, an improved filtering system, customizable user roles for administration, but also some important security fixes.

Check out the full changelog:

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Howdy y'all. I've migrated to a new server, so re-posting my :

I'm the librarian at San Diego State. Originally a U.S. historian (working on gender in musical films) my current interests focus on ethical tech, digital pedagogy, digital storytelling & DH/digital scholarship spaces. Still trying to get the hang of this whole distributed network thing. Expect to see a lot of pics of my

I was unable to attend the SHOT conference in New Orleans last week, and so I sent in my presentation via Vimeo. I'm posting it here for anyone who wants to see it.

The title is, "When is a nuclear test actually an attack: Cold War nuclear testing and downwind fallout clouds."

I argue that radioactive fallout from nuclear detonations, especially of thermonuclear weapons (H-bombs) was strategized as a means of attacking enemy combatants and populations in imagined war scenarios, but when those same clouds engulfed communities downwind from nuclear tests, they were dismissed as harmless.

I show how the US and former USSR were aware of the weapon potential of fallout radionuclides even before the Manhattan Project completed a weapon. They completely understood the dangers, that's why they intended to use it in warfare.

@histodons @sts

Trailer for upcoming documentary about Rocky Flats, the former site where the US assembled the cores of weapons

"What happens when a nuclear weapons plant closes in your neighborhood? ROCKY FLATS tells the story of the massive amount of nuclear waste still sitting in the American landscape, as communities in Colorado face off with big government over the toxic legacy of the Cold War."


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During the pandemic I got used to using electronically available material or ordering my own copies of books, but today for the first time in a long while I went to work in the National Library of Finland.

The Helsinki University Library is nice, new and also architecturally swanky, but it was such an inspiration to walk through the doors of Kansalliskirjasto, browse the latest acquisitions, and just smell the smell of books! Made me feel like a scholar again, and I promise to tear myself away from the computer more often - now that I can!

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Strike by 48,000 University of California academic workers likely to disrupt all 10 campuses * “About 48,000 unionized academic workers across the #UniversityofCalifornia’s 10 campuses — who perform the majority of teaching and research at the state’s premier higher #education system — walked off the job Monday morning, calling for better pay and benefits.”

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Here’s a cool #science video….I’d never seen a video of the transitions to/from a supercritical fluid. It’s a lot cooler than just the far reaches of a phase diagram! #chemistry #physics

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Hi again fellow #histstm friends new to Mastodon and looking to build community! In addition to signing up to the #histstm list below, you can follow the @histstm group which will automatically share your posts to its members if you tag it

#histsci #histmed #histtech

"Is U.S. nuclear power infrastructure vulnerable to climate change and hurricanes?" NBC News Oct. 21, 2022

"Environmentalists are raising concerns about U.S. nuclear power plants – many of which are over 40 years old and in locations vulnerable to sea level rise or natural disasters – and radioactive waste storage. NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden presses officials on how they’re preparing for a potential emergency."

"Truck with possible radioactive material stopped in southeast Houston"

KHOU 11/11/22

Almost certainly a simple, average case of illegal dumping of industrial machinery. Happens all the time. Bo

"A truck carrying what may have been radioactive materials was stopped in southeast Houston Friday.

According to the Houston Fire Department, a truck driver picked up a load of metal shavings and took them to a recycling plant near Kirbyville and Donoho. While at the recycling plant, an alarm for gamma went off. The recycling plant refused to take the shavings and Houston police and fire department were called in.

Readings of the shavings were taken and it was determined the gamma levels were low enough that officials let the driver continue on to transport the shaving.

It’s unknown where the driver was headed."

"Revealed: Fears over Brexit threat to safety laws"

The Herald, from Scotland

"UK GOVERNMENT plans threatening nuclear and radiation safety laws in a 'Brexit bonfire' have provoked resistance from regulators and trade unionists, opposition from Scottish ministers, and alarm from campaigners."

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George Mason University is hiring a tenure track Assistant Professor of Environmental History and Conflict Resolution; geographic field open, preference for post-1800. #envhist #histodons

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