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(reposting since I changed servers to & lost the original from last week!)

We've got a TT JOB @CSUSM!

SOUTHWEST BORDERLANDS HISTORY. Application review will start 1/23. We're a great department in lovely San Diego County.

Please spread the word - thank you!!

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US foreign policy and deportations to Haiti 

I talked to @Tanvim @thenation about the US's inhumane policies regarding deportations to as well as how the US has regarded Haiti since the : Rachèle Magloire & others have called attention to this issue but we're still ripping people from their families after they've done their time.

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Hey , if you missed the livestream I did of STEEL RISING (a + robots game, with content too) on the LudoHistory channel on Sat. night, you can find the replay here:

The chat comments were also really smart. Exciting to get to talk about a that features the abbé Grégoire, Julien Raimond, ... and robots. 😆

Are any of my people planning to move to today? This will be my second migration and hopefully I won’t lose all my follow/ers and pinned posts again.

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I am feeling quite content.

As you read about Holocaust denier/white supremacist Nick Fuentes who had dinner with Trump keep in mind that next week Elon Musk will be allowing Fuentes back on Twitter. Why would any advertiser want to be associated with a platform featuring Holocaust deniers?

If you enjoy someone's post on #Mastodon go ahead and click the star. If someone tells you that's meaningless because there's no #algorithm, ignore them. Sure, boost the post too if you want others to also see the post, but don't think telling someone you like what they posted is somehow unimportant. In real life I don't tell someone, "good job," or "well said," or "I love that," for the sake of some algorithm, I do it because I'm human and they are too. It's fundamental to being truly social.

This might seem random but... does anyone know swears in Czech (or possibly Polish or any Slavic language)?

I need help in translating four words my gramma used to say. I think it's the only thing she used to say I never figured out. #language #czech #polish

apparently this free shipping goes until Monday! which means you still have time to support global majority authors and independent bookstores while getting free shipping!

if you dont know where to start to read more bipoc & diverse books, my bookshop store hopefully can give you a place to start (linked up thread) or my website is entirely dedicated to helping you connect with more diverse books.

seriously no excuses! read diverse books

#bookstodon #books #reading #literature

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You know, the thing that gets my attention concerning how safety concerns have become a sticking point as more and more people join the fedi is how white people are defiantly defending what is rather than envisioning what could be.

The refusal to see outside of what they see is best is one of the most defining characteristics of white people in the fedi and one of the main obstacles to progress, as we are clearly seeing the need for an improved fedi experience across the board.

This is a microcosm of what Martin Luther King Jr. said about how the white moderate is the greatest obstacle to progress because they continuously side with order over justice.

Any thinking person can see we need better adaptable experiences in the fedi and platforms that better serve the safety concerns of the people.

The way I see white people bitterly fighting to keep a status quo that no one agreed on is the main driver of conflict as the fediverse grows, underscoring yet again the challenge of this space is not technology.

It's culture. And whiteness, as Du Bois identified years ago, is committed to fighting to assert itself in yet another new space.

@evan @markallerton @ks

The analogy that several Black users have said, is "Mastodon is the digital equivalent of fleeing 'regular' racism in the deep South, just to experience 'racism doesn't happen here!' racism in Boston." 🙂🙃

Mastodon has more cultural norms around not talking about racist abuse, than around preventing it from happening. I don't know how to convince y'all that this is bad.

So yeah, this creates an opening for centralizers.

This Thursday, 7-8pm CET, we welcome Angus A. A. Mol at the Games & History lecture series. We will be discussing his new project Angus is currently finishing up the project He is active in, an interdisciplinary collective of archaeologists, historians, museologists and game designers. I am very, very much looking forward to this session!

#gaming #history #histodons #AKGWDS @histodons


Same here with me - if you followed me in the last week, please refollow, as it didn't go through on our server!

Hi , the hcommons server had some issues and we've lost recent days of post and new followers. If you followed me in the past week, please refollow--and boost this!

Hooray for history.commons being back up @kfitz & colleagues!

So sorry for the aggravation!

Is there a way to recover the follow requests? I had about 25 that I couldn't accept, and with the reboot they're gone. Otherwise hopefully folks can try again later and not think I rejected the requests. Thank you!

I’m boldly going where I haven’t gone before, which is right here at this site. Apparently this is a “toot.” I would appreciate a follow!

Decisively addressing the scourge of antisemitism is an urgent duty for us all. There is no place for #Antisemitism in the European Union.
Read the annual report of the @EURightsAgency (which spans 2011-21):
➡️!WBWCcv #ToleranceDay


Watching (mostly virtually) the strike at the University of California - much bigger than the first student unionizing strike there that I participated in - I'm put in mind of Mario Savio's speech on Sproul Plaza from the Free Speech Movement:

There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious — makes you so sick at heart — that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part. And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.

As Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Stripe, Shopify, Lyft, Netflix, and Microsoft lay off workers, let it serve as a reminder that free snacks, beer kegs, and ping pong tables are not real perks.

Do you know what is? Being part of a union that will defend you.

People have probably seen this but it's a handy guide to all of the buttons on here. I just realized I can turn notifications on for a friend so I definitely don't miss their toots.

Touchdown, San Juan Puerto Rico, for our 9th annual Caribbean Digital conference. Very happy to be back in person (with cautions). A few of us have been building, nurturing, supporting the in the Caribbean for more than a decade now. Sometimes you do something long enough and work hard it and, low and behold, you start seeing results. That is such a good feeling, guys. Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the conference. Hopefully in New York. I want it to be a huge celebration of the work that got us here. But first, let's kick ass in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷🎉

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