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A headline? An invitation? A summary? Sticking to its original intention of giving trauma survivors room to breathe or exit before being caught reliving it. Definitely can't promise to warn against a vague understanding of "politics," especially electoral politics. But I can get into the idea of headlines, like GitHub commits. Why not.

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Creative Warning 

@elotroalex Really like "creative warning" and the analogy to commits. I suspect a lot of folks in academic careers are bringing understandable baggage around cw's from years of culture war editorials and tense curriculum meetings, more than really applies to this little ux element. FWIW, I appreciated how un-twitter-like my feed was on here last night, esp on my other instance where the admin requested people cw election posts.

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@elotroalex Inspired by your post, I have taken to referring to CW as "Content Wrapper" by analogy with Candy Wrapper.

BTW - currently one can modify or remove CW when crafting a reply. I love the rhetorical affordances of this micro-element.

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@lachance who are you irl? Can't figure it out from your profile. Asking because trying to connect to people I know irl here

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Alex, we have not met in person.

Your question prompts me to my post.

Highlights: I'm François Lachance living in . I could be considered a para-academic since I do not hold any established position with any institution. I am a member of the public peeking in ...

Happy to have observed over the course of the years that the world over has become more porous and to those that are .

Wishing you all the best in connecting with your people,


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