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Just finished The Rings of Power. Did these people even read the books? Well, whatever. It was purty, and had a couple of good twists.

Tonight on the agenda: write rec letter for brilliants student, finish syllabus for Spring hail mary, fold clothes while finishing episode 7 of The Rings of Power.

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Hey folks. Another important development in #LitStudies Mastodon: we now have a group thanks to @AnnaSBrasch. The group is @litstudies

A group is an account you can follow that will gather all Mastodon posts that mention the group. It’s sort of like following a hashtag/topic on Twitter.

Please boost this (or Anna’s post about this) so that everyone in #LitStudies Mastodon knows about it.

#academictwitter #academicchatter

I guess we'll know if this experiment works the day most posts on here are not meta. No pun intended.

If y'all make this whole mastodon thing happen, I might start bloggin again.

Donna Summer's "I feel love," extended cut, on loop, headphones, all, day, long. Let's go, mastodons 🔊💙

Just switched servers to the humanities commons one, so doing again. First , thank you to the hcommons crew this space. Server is running wonderfully. I'm Alex, by now one of the new olds of I think. Interested in . Here's hoping we create a good more paused alternative to Twitter here. is a microblogging network supporting scholars and practitioners across the humanities and around the world.