Zotero continues to be the best reference manager around — #FOSS, made by scholars for scholars. Upcoming features (now available for beta testing) include automatic relinking of #mendeley citations, much faster #googledocs integration, and support for #latex math in notes

If you don't use a reference manager yet (or if you're using a for-profit one like Mendeley or EndNote) you can always give #Zotero a whirl: it's free and doesn't lock you in: https://zotero.org


Warning: Do not use Hive Social ⚠️🐝

We found multiple critical security vulnerabilities in the App, leaking private messages, posts, images and user data like phone numbers, emails and birthdates.


The Office of Scholarly Communication is hiring an Open Research Community Manager. Come work with me!

'The role will establish and develop a Cambridge Open Research Community, bringing researchers across the university community together through regular online and in person events to enable exchange of expertise in open and rigorous research practices. They will develop an understanding of how research needs differ across disciplines and use this understanding to inform the development of open research policies and services as part of the University's Open Research Programme, leading projects to further develop these services. They will raise the profile of open research at Cambridge through internal and external engagement in collaboration with researchers and professional services leads across the university.'

Funding for five years in the first instance.


Did you know that you can now link your Mastodon handle to your Commons profile?

Just go to Edit under your photo when you are logged into the Commons and under Institutional or Other Affiliation you'll find the field to add it!

Use the format @YOUR USERNAME@hcommons.social and don't forget to save changes at the bottom.


Reminder that there is strike action taking place at UK Universities tomorrow over pay, pensions & equalities issues.

If you want to show solidarity don't cross the picket line (physical or digital)

So the USS pension deficit has turned into a £5 billion surplus but they're still claiming the market is too volatile to restore benefits.

Looking forward to being on strike again tomorrow!


Choosing a Mastodon instance 

We all have different reasons to join Mastodon: I thought I’d share why I jumped at the chance to chose the hcommons instance.

First: Humanities Commons is already built on tech values that I share: open access, community-oriented. I have reason to trust they will develop an instance with this in mind.

Second: for me, social media has long primarily been an organizing and solidarity building space. A broadly defined and open humanities platform felt like the best place from which to build alliances across disciplines, institutions, and professions. This, to me, is what the future of my work looks like. It’s exciting to watch that unfold here.

🕸️ 📘 Hi, I'm a scholar* who wrote a book about #FLOSS & #hacking cultures holding "diversity" conversations 🖥️ 🌈

One take-home from that work is that EuroAm #FOSS communities' frameworks for thinking abt #gender inclusion were far more sophisticated than their analysis of positioning wrt #race & Global North-South relations. Sharing bc some may need reading on hegemonic #whiteness in #fediverse : https://press.princeton.edu/books/paperback/9780691192888/hacking-diversity

*white settler cis woman #HackingDiversity #Mastodon #racism #commodon #STS

On strike today but if you want to listen to me talk about monopoly capitalism and advertising I was a guest on this week’s Tech Won’t Save Us https://t.co/OvLJIZj2fz

Leading by example? The 🇪🇺is going full #mastodon. Own instance for all institutions:

EU Voice is the official ActivityPub microblogging platform of the EU institutions, bodies and agencies (EUIs)

@communicationscholars @politicalscience @sociology #commodon #eustudies


"The standard technique of privatization: defund, make sure things don't work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital."
- Noam Chomsky

Since Mastodon saw its initial popularity circa 2017, I've noticed that most users and those reporting on it either don't think about the Fediverse as anything more than Mastodon, or treat its history as beginning with Eugen Rochko and the beginning of Mastodon. In fact, Mastodon is the latest in a long line of federated social networks going at least back to Identi.ca, and though I wasn't around for all of it, I find this history pretty interesting. (Thread; boosts welcome!)

Mattermost began as a free & open source self-hostable Slack clone. I deployed it in 2018 on a server and have used it every day since, in support of at-risk environmental defenders. Today it hosts a very large community.

In this time Mattermost has come to be far superior to Slack (which I regretfully have to use weekly), in almost every capacity.

Yet another example where the narrative that truly free software will never eclipse the feature set or productivity of proprietary, is challenged

Want to help redesign one of the most popular and widely-used tools for researchers?

Zotero is hiring a designer: https://www.zotero.org/jobs/ui_designer

Would do it if I could. Ideal for someone else who has great UX / product design chops.

@HWiesenmueller @RenkeSiems @obibJournal Zur Vollständigkeit sei angemerkt, dass es ja durchaus auch schon einige kleine Verlage jenseits von DeGruyter gibt - ich denke da insbesondere an scholar-led Verlage wie Open Book Publishers - die qualitativ hochwertige Produktion inkl. Fachlektorat, Satz, etc. leisten und in manchen Belangen wie der Bereitstellung offener Formate, Metadaten, sowie Experimentierfreudigkeit bzgl. experimentellen Publishings den "großen" sogar eine Nasenlänge voraus sind ... und darüber hinaus auch noch wertegeleitet handeln.

Diese Verlage verdienen die breitere Unterstützung aus der Wissenschaftscommunity heraus.

Great article from @dajb about governance on Mastodon servers. Like social.coop, Friend Camp has started using Loomio to make group consensus decisions around things like non-obvious defederation, and it's working out really well.


I recommend instance admins look into Loomio. Once we have used it a bit more on Friend Camp I am going to post a how-to and best practices for small servers.

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