Several updates from admin land:

1. I'm admitting new accounts out of the request queue this morning, and then I'm going to shut down requests for a little while in order to make sure service doesn't degrade.

2. In the short term, keeping things running requires period process restarts. They happen very quickly but you may see 502s or other errors if you're in the right place at the wrong time.

3. In the long term, we're going to embark on a significant instance rebuild, in order to try to make things around here more resilient. That will of course require some planned downtime; we'll keep you posted as we get there.

Let me know if you have questions!

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@kfitz No questions, but thank you and the team so much for hosting this community!

@kfitz Thanks for the update, Kathleen. Looking forward to moving in!

Thanks @kfitz. I have a question: Is it possible to keep your handle (I created one before) and also have another on or do you need to choose one?

@spinsker You can absolutely have more than one. I know some folks are maintaining separate professional and personal accounts.

@kfitz So pleased to have joined this particular community. Thanks for organizing us!

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