Seconding @sramsay here: it’s been a brutal couple of days with our fair share of mishaps along the way. But I will say this: if you ever find yourself in the middle of a technical disaster, you want Steve on your side. (Thanks as well to @darius, who took time out of his afternoon to talk us through a couple of issues.) Heartfelt apologies for the lost time, and the lost data. We’re hoping we can rebuild from here.

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@kfitz Thanks for your work on this server. I'm glad to have it back!

@kfitz @sramsay oh I'm so glad you are at least running again even if it means some data loss. We lost a day or so of data in the early days of friend camp too. A nice thing is that people are usually pretty understanding when they know their admins!

Please ping me when you get around to a postmortem but: rest up first!!

@kfitz @sramsay @darius Thank you a lot for bringing the server back up. I appreciate your efforts and what you must have gone through! I guess the turmoil of the Great Migration has made me more relaxed (I understand the word is now "resilient") when social media don't behave.

It's such a good and valuable thing we're having/work you're doing here! Keep it up if you can. (And even if not, don't worry too much, there are worse things happening!)

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