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HUGE apologies in particular to anyone who registered for an account between 2am and 6am ET. I approved a bunch of requests just before the crash, and those requests are now lost. I hope everyone will request again!

More on what happened later, but here's the tl;dr: we hit 100% disk usage and everything went kerflooey, and even after scaling up things would not restart. We restored a 6-hour old backup and things are back but a bunch of recent stuff is gone. Now to do a deeper investigation.

It’s funny, many of the “what you need to know about Mastodon” or “how to learn about the fediverse” pieces are focused on the technology and the implementation, when the hardest thing for people to understand about this context, if they’re used to traditional social media & tech, is that here we have an expectation of _consent_. Consent if you want to be included in a conversation, consent about being amplified, consent in the form of CWs on topics that you want to manage, etc. That’s it! 🎯

Bringing over a long thread from the other website about a small but significant pedagogical victory today—like many, I’ve been struggling, to say the least, with student engagement in 1 of my classes—more pointedly trying to lead discussion has been 1 of the most frustrating experiences of my career—Before I go any farther, I’ll just say right up front that I’m not claiming I found some magic bullet—I don’t know if this thread will address your precise challenges or if what I did will help meet those challenges—I don’t even know yet if it will help my challenges long term—I’m sure some will find details here that prove my intellectual, moral, or pedagogical failings, of which there are many—I'm sure this will be obvious to others—I’m not trying to claim universals during an incredibly stressful time for teachers—I just hope it's of use to someone

Humanities Commons Launches Mastodon Server Open to Scholars

such a smart move! I am so excited for this server and all the people using it. 🥰 🥰

Just a reminder about Mastodon.

Try not to directly upload videos here.
You have to remember that these videos have to be stored on the server that you're hosted on.

This would also eat up on available bandwidth, storage and memory resources of said servers and slow them down. Which would force server hosts to upgrade at a substantial cost.

Suggested idea...

Upload to Peertube, Vimeo or other video streaming services and share the link to the video here instead.


@marcellaflamme @tscriado @acorsin @ruyllerablanes76 It is also instructive to see that it is Humanities Commons who is most confidently striding into this space. HC may have started as a scholarly association's initiative, but for important reasons it outgrew the MLA & even its initial expansion into adjacent disciplines. It's unclear to me whether a single society or association is adequate to do the needed work to develop infrastructure for scholarly exchange:

A beautiful reminder that there was community here before last week, and that new users and instances might do well to consider why it was structured the way it was, and what we might have to learn from it before trying to remake it in our image:

Timely paper on #Mastodon and 'innovations in #platform
governance that go beyond the corporate/alt-right platform dichotomy' by @robertwgehl & Diana Zulli

Listen folks, I'm seeing BIPOC newcomers to the fediverse discussing what they need and want, and being met with white people unhelpfully explaining Mastodon to them with smiley faces. I understand that longtime users are patiently trying to welcome many newcomers to their established culture and that's great, but fellow white people, please consider the distinction between goodness and niceness and the effects. Unsolicited explanations are one of the worst things about the Bad Place, after all!

General #hometown development note: I am using the US holiday coming up on Friday to do a ton of Hometown work. Catching up on Github issues and PRs, and looking at the Mastodon v4 code to see how much work it's going to be to remain compatible there.

(for those new here, Hometown is my fork of Mastodon with small community features, )

meta: on CWs 

A little while ago @electricarchaeo compared CWs to subject lines, and I really like that analogy. As with email, they're a nice heads-up on what's inside. Yes, they require an extra tap/click, but how nice to have the option to decide whether you want to engage right now or not, rather than being hammered unawares. Used well, they're a kindness, and they can also be quite fun.


I want to echo what other Mastodon admins are saying: please report any harassment or violative messages you're seeing. Unlike the birdsite, your local admin will likely react quickly -- and you'll make the instance better for everyone, not just yourself.

So... please don't just ignore! Let us know if there's a problem.

Our team is hugely grateful to the crew for all their support and enthusiasm as we invest together in our vision of the future of scholarly work. Look out for more soon on how this partnership came together and our big plans for the future!

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Even better: is open to all! Existing Humanities Commons members and all interested scholars are welcome to join. Learn more and get involved here:

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We are beyond thrilled to officially launch Commons and welcome HASTAC into our network of participating organizations. With 20 years’ experience connecting scholars across disciplines, we couldn’t think of a better partner and collaborator. Check out the new site at

Hello fellow Mastodonians! Remember, all funding opportunities from the National Endowment for the Humanities are available at . And program staff are happy to answer questions via email or phone.

OK, this is significant, I think. Humanities Commons now has a Mastodon instance, at

There are lots of groups of scholars creating their own instances. Could it be one of the first steps towards public/non-profit institutions taking back control of another part of the scholarly communications chain? I hope so.

( Paging @mpe )

As on the bird site, I’m not inclined to follow back if your bio is blank. Give us more reasons to follow you beyond a fun avatar.

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