Hi! Here's an . I'm Jonathan Reeve, and I work in computational approaches to literary study, using , , , , and methods of , in languages like and .

I maintain, which collects XML editions of James and other writers;, an API for literary corpora; and text-matcher, a text reuse detection engine. More of my projects are up at

I'm a PhD student in English and Comparative Literature, in my final year at Columbia University, writing a dissertation which models visuality in British .

As a long-term Mastodon user, I'm happy to see a taking place, and even happier that it's happening through my old employer (in a previous iteration), HCommons! I was j0_0n on Twitter: Check out my blog at

@JonathanReeve Wow, org-roam and ZK + semantic triplet, very interesting blog post (, thanks to share your bio / blog :) ! I wait for an ema version with org, i found a doom-emacs user start a project like that here :

@JonathanReeve Juste one more question, Shake + pandoc manage well "source code" as output of org-babel ?

@SReyCoyrehourcq Thanks! I've been waiting for an Ema-based org-roam exporter, too. Since Pandoc handles org well, it only makes sense that there should be an org-roam exporter in Haskell. I've often thought of writing one myself, except that I don't have the time.

@JonathanReeve Hey Jonatano, good to see you on here. Hope your musical journey went well. You should post video if you have it.

@JonathanReeve Hi Jonathan! I did a talk at the #IrisMurdoch conference this year about my project from your course - brought back some happy memories of #TheMoonstone and the rest 😁

@jamesjefferies Oh cool! That's awesome. If you have it online somewhere I'd love to see it.

@JonathanReeve aw, it’s not I’m afraid, you had to be there - but essentially I ran through what I did without getting too technical and shared the results

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