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Since I've recently migrated to I thought I'd post a new .

I'm an author of three short collections of and one full-length collection, all published since 2016. I'm also a candidate at , a Spanish to English translator, and I occasionally moonlight as an oral historian.

My current research explores Latin American folk medicine, witchcraft, shamanism, and the importation of these practices to the US through . Specifically, I'm interested in how marginalized populations--particularly immigrants--in US/Mexican borderlands heal and grieve.

I write and publish , , and , and frequently post calls for submissions, fellowship / grant opportunities, conference opportunities, and general gossip.

and let's link up!

I'm SO excited to officially have a cover image for my forthcoming collection of ghost interviews and confessions, *Santa Muerte Santa Muerte: I Was Here Release Me* ---which releases from Tram Editions in February of 2023.

And to make good news even better, one of my favorite artists is working on an image for the cover of my almost-finished manuscript-in-progress, which should be ready to circulate to potential publishers in the next few months. Can I share either yet? Sadly, no... But soon. Soon. 👻

Sharing one of my favorite poems since childhood.

By the 12thc warrior poet Xin Qiji 辛棄疾, who was sidelined during peacetime, demoted, drifting through a decade of minor posts in remote lands.

Poetry, then, is that which is left unsaid.
“My, what a cool and lovely autumn.”
#everynightapoem #poetry #translation

- I read it aloud and write a bit more about the poet, and the translation choices that I made, here:

Friends, as promised, a list of some fantastic magazines & journals that are open to for literary & in November:


The Colorado Review:

Hayden’s Ferry Review:

The Kenyon Review:

The New Yorker:


The Southern Review:

Swamp Pink (formerly Crazyhorse):

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seen a couple people put the #bigger6 hashtag in their bios which makes me very happy :)

for those who don’t know it started as a way of flagging work on twitter focused outside the traditional “big six” of literary romanticism (blake, wordsworth, coleridge, byron, keats & shelley); it grew into a research collective founded on a shared commitment to antiracism, anti-imperialism, and anti-colonialism. there’s a website with various resources:

Calling all #contingent literary scholars! Did you publish an article or book in 2022? Laura Hartmann-Villalta and I are putting together a list to be published in Contingent Mag so please reply or email me the deets: All languages & lit studies fields welcome! 2021 list is here for ref: Please boost & spread the word! #litodons #LiteraryStudies

Grateful to Verse Daily for featuring my poem, "On the Death of the Day of the Bear," today.

Inspired by Cesar Vallejo's self-elegy, and by the distance between how we read spring, how the bear turns into a ground-hog, and how the words for what we lose in becoming "American" are irrelevant to our lives here.

Something dies. And dies again---every year.

Something I never said on Twitter but always thought: it was obscene to see academics (esp leftist ones) cultivating the equivalent of brands by developing a massive discrepancy between their # of followers & the “select group” they followed. I like so far that this isn’t the vibe here, & hope it continues. I will always follow anybody who’s in my same world, in any way, & I hope that’s true of others. No space here for the gross mirroring of terminal-phase capitalism in academic life. ❤️

I posted this my first day here then got self-conscious about self-promotion and deleted. Anyhow if anyone is working on a book that might fit this series I’m co-editing for Oxford, “Race in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture,” please consider submitting!

People like to joke about colons in academic titles, but the formula is pretty clearly "Title I Love: Title that Indexes this Content to its Readership." Let us have this one thing so that we can have a tiny crumb of cake and eat it too. 😅

Any other #SmallPress or #BookArts or #LitMag folks on here? I mostly post from my personal account, but would love to build a good Home feed here too.

I'm leading a panel on at and am curious what the translation and @litstudies community would most like to hear/learn about when it comes to and translation theory. The panelists are all published creative writers who translate, so we will be able to touch upon the unique intersection of creative impulse and translation.

What would people want to hear? What are your interests? I'd love input to help guide the direction of the discussion!

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New to this game, redoing my #introduction because supposedly #s are better?

Hi! I am #assistantprofessor of #English at #UIUC, working on contemporary #globalSouth literature, postcolonial #state #forms, lit and politics, #EH aka #environmentalhumanities, #failure, #apocalypse, #genre, and #infrastructure

My new essay for TIME was a difficult one to write but I am so concerned with what’s happening that I felt it was important to be this revealing.

Do we post jobs on Mastodon? If so; no less than three (!) paid PhD positions at our Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo (Norway). Deadline: January 4th

I have a new article coming out very soon and with all the things going down on the birdsite, I was upset about the timing, thinking -I will reach no one, no one will read it. But after a couple of days here I can’t be happier that THIS is the community I’m going to share it with. It’s a special piece for me. There’s a Ukrainian refugee I helped during the crisis, there are my migrating grandparents, my own immigration experience and…plants. I’m shy but thrilled!
#mastowriters #writingcommunity

I built this tool a year ago but I feel like Mastodon folks would like it

The "Weird Old Book Finder"

Type in a search query, and it'll find one randomly-chosen public-domain book that matches the query -- and present it for immediate reading: weird-old-book-finder.glitch.m

Why only one book? To prevent the paradox of choice! Just *start readin'*

Can't promise every book will be weird, but most are

A longer essay on how/why I developed it:

This was a search for "mastodon"

I guess I'm giving this a real whirl, Mastodon #writingcommunity, in case of (imminent? inevitable?) Twitter implosion. I'm a lit fic novelist w a recent bent toward flash fiction.

I'm figuring out how to find/follow folks here. If you're a #writer, I'll follow you back!

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