@aslodounik There is one every year. Similar ones sponsored by other groups too, although the ones I know about are all "law &." Do you belong to ASLCH (Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and the Humanities) or subscribe to the Law and Culture mailing list (LAW-CULTURE@JISCMAIL.AC.UK)? Conferences often listed there. I also list conferences at the Law & Humanities Blog (lawlit.blogspot.com/) and Hedgehogs and Foxes (hedgehogsandfoxes.org/). All these are "law and", though.

RT @legalhistory@twitter.com

CFP: 2023 Law and Humanities Interdisciplinary Workshop for Junior Scholars - Deadline 12/15 dlvr.it/SdtJ9Z

🐦🔗: twitter.com/legalhistory/statu

Hey, I've just posted the preface and introduction to my book, Sex Is as Sex Does: Governing Transgender Identity. Find them at paisleycurrah.com/sexisassexdo

Graphic designers are not called graphic artists for a reason.

Do you spent 10+ years on that PhD, you delayed, you sacrificed, and then finally, you could. What did you do?

#Introductions I'm a historian of gender, family, sexuality, economy, law, state & community in many configurations. In early modern/Old Regime France and #globalearlymodern. Hopeful that we will get a lively diverse wide #histodons community going here

Does one use institutional letterhead to apply to a FT job where one is adjuncting?

Hi, historians! I’m looking forward to hanging out in this space. I’m a historian of 18th-c France interested in women and gender, science and medicine, and new ways of writing about the Enlightenment. I’m an associate prof at Bowdoin College, although I try to leave Maine for France whenever I can.

Wassup party people. I’m a history prof in Georgia. I study the Enlightenment and the Age of Revolutions. My past work has dealt with Huguenot refugees who influenced the French Enlightenment, but I’ve also written on trans-Atlantic Quakers in the eighteenth century.
I also teach Digital Humanities courses & co-founded a public digital humanities project called Age of Revolutions (www.ageofrevolutions.com). Check it out and consider sending us a pitch! ageofrevolutions.com/submissio

Just moved over from mastodon.social (same handle), so a brief re-introduction: I'm an early modern historian at Reed College in PDX, OR interested in law as a social, cultural, & political practice. My first book was on lawyers & political culture in 17th-18th-c. France & I'm currently working on an overview of Law & Society in pre-modern Europe as well as a study of annulment suits in French Church courts. I'm also a big fan of 🐶, 🏀, ⚽️.

I'm also Editor-in-Chief of H-France (www.h-france.net)

The arguments for remaining on twitter to “fight” remind me of the gambling adage that the house always wins. “Fighting” there is like gambling and thinking you’ll eventually beat the house. But even if you win $10,000 at the slot machine it’s because it’s in the casino’s bigger interests to give you $10,000.

A viral post from a progressive helps prop up an increasingly reactionary company. @jeffjarvis

Hello Friends! Historians.social is live! @kawulf @jmadelman &, I have admitted everyone who signed up in advance.

We are going to keep sign ups moderated so be sure you answer the question of why you want to join.

Take a look around once you're here. We've posted our working community guidelines and code of conduct.

We are looking for community moderators. If interested please let us know!

And please tell your history-loving friends to join us!

Big shout out to Darius Kazemi (@darius). Who is he, you ask? Well, he *wrote* the fork of Mastodon we're using on hcommons.social (github.com/hometown-fork/homet), for one thing. But he's also a digital artist, a game programmer, an expert on federated systems, and someone actively trying to fix the internet (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darius_K). He's a big deal, really. But picture this: He gets an email from one of the thousands of clueless nerds trying to run a Mastodon server. He responds immediately, sets up a Zoom call, and takes the time to help us. It was a heroically kind thing to do, and @kfitz and I hope to pay it forward one of these days. Thanks again, Darius!

I am always so jealous of lit scholars who have the tracking job statistics. I have never seen anything comparable from the art historian's : president.mla.hcommons.org/202

WIRED just published my beginner's guide to Mastodon! Thank you to the 100+ people who responded to my request for tips and advice for understanding the culture here. wired.com/story/how-to-get-sta

People have probably seen this but it's a handy guide to all of the buttons on here. I just realized I can turn notifications on for a friend so I definitely don't miss their toots. joinfediverse.wiki/index.php?t.

Excited to learn about Fedifinder, which allows you to find your Twitter peeps here on Mastodon: fedifinder.glitch.me/

Happy 83rd birthday to Wendy Carlos, a pioneer of synth technology and film scoring. From Moog genius to scoring films (she collaborated with Kubrick on A Clockwork Orange and The Shining), Carlos is an under-championed legend, and reluctant Trans icon. 🏳️‍⚧️ I wrote about her in This Woman’s Work but here’s a starter thread about her life and work: twitter.com/sineadgleeson/stat

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