Since Mastodon saw its initial popularity circa 2017, I've noticed that most users and those reporting on it either don't think about the Fediverse as anything more than Mastodon, or treat its history as beginning with Eugen Rochko and the beginning of Mastodon. In fact, Mastodon is the latest in a long line of federated social networks going at least back to, and though I wasn't around for all of it, I find this history pretty interesting. (Thread; boosts welcome!)

Live Coding: A User's Manual

An MIT press #openaccess book by artists and musicians, software designers, and researchers providing the first comprehensive introduction to the origins, aspirations, and evolution of live coding.

Maybe the meme shared by @LordElend could inspire us a near-systematic catalog of dinosaur memes, which we could draw conclusions from ?

Would metamemetics be the missing link between web memes and academia ?

Announcement : on Nov. 28th I'll be hosting a talk on the 1986 video game "Sapiens" at the French national library. One can sign up to attend live or watch the livestream (in French).

Our guests will be Didier Guillion, lead designer on Sapiens, and Claudine Cohen, historian and philosopher of Science. We'll mostly address the way Sapiens dealt with the difficult task of representing the unimaginable universe of Prehistory. We'll also draw some comparisons with other games produced since 1986, such as "Ancestors: the Humankind Odyssey", Panache Digital Games, 2019, and "Sapiens", Majic Jungle, 2022.
« Après Sapiens : les représentations de la Préhistoire dans les jeux vidéo évoluent-elles ? », le 28/11 à la BnF avec Benjamin Efrati, chercheur associé, Didier Guillion, game designer, et Claudine Cohen, historienne et philosophe des sciences.

Under the kind supervision of @dbenoist

A video about the diminished fifth, a musical interval often believed to be associated with religions themes (a.k.a. the devil in this case). Adam Neely looks at music history and explains.
It's a very good piece imho, rich in its resolution and generous in its execution.

Thank you very much for putting together a fantastic list of academics on Mastodon :

Looking for references: how deep is media archaeology rooted in the archaeological method? is a microblogging network supporting scholars and practitioners across the humanities and around the world.