I think there's something in my office which I'm allergic to -- for this whole week, as soon as I step into the room, I get a massive headache that refuses to go away. Could be the campus renovations (which is currently happening right outside my office window). Could just be stress and burnout.

Huge congratulations to my Curtin colleague and friend Crystal Abidin, one of the hardest working people in academia, who has been promoted to Full Professor!

Incredibly well deserved recognition, with lots of exciting developments by Professor Abidin in the works, including the formal launch of the Influencer Ethnography Research Lab she leads early next year!

Malaysian racial politics rant 

This is a good article summarising a lot of the concerns the moderate and considerably “left” voting public had of the recent Malaysian general elections. It’s a vicious cycle; the more fundamental the Islamist party becomes, the more Chinese-leaning the (supposed) left-leaning party (DAP) becomes, which is also my frustration with it. One example of my frustration is their assumption that just because I’m ethnically Chinese, I must read and speak Mandarin, which a lot of people - especially those in the Borneo states - don’t. And the rhetoric becomes synonymous with me not being “Chinese enough”, which is utterly ridiculous. Ethnically I’m Chinese with no ties or nostalgia of China. Culturally I’m Sarawakian. This is why Malaysia is multicultural and multiracial.

Anwar’s victory not the only Malaysian shockwave | lowyinstitute.org/the-interpre

Boring work stuff 

@lokmantsui Nooooo. They’ll make it mandatory to wear for every occasion. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Boring work stuff 

@lokmantsui They claim it’s “limited edition”, and for all 900+ staff, not just academic. It’s likely coming out of marketing budget, so actually, that money will be better spent on better marketing staff who don’t depend on academics to market the degree programmes for them. 🤪 I’ve also “accidentally” deleted the email 🤣🤣

Boring work stuff 

Things I wish the workplace would stop doing: giving me things. A newly received email just informed us all permanent staff will be given bomber jackets...

This is a tropical country. Why on earth would I need a bomber jacket?! With corporate logos?!

I'd rather they save the money for other things -- like hiring more academic staff or more leave days.

Zotero continues to be the best reference manager around — #FOSS, made by scholars for scholars. Upcoming features (now available for beta testing) include automatic relinking of #mendeley citations, much faster #googledocs integration, and support for #latex math in notes

If you don't use a reference manager yet (or if you're using a for-profit one like Mendeley or EndNote) you can always give #Zotero a whirl: it's free and doesn't lock you in: https://zotero.org


@__black__velvet I shall check out Rebels then! Thanks for the recommendations! :blobcatfingerguns:

@__black__velvet I haven’t been watching any of the SW animated shows. Maybe I should start!

@dangolding That is true! Although the danger is, I might just binge through everything and not…work. ;)

I just realised, it's Wednesday, and there's no new episodes of to look forward to watch tonight. 💔

Singapore cinemas, please still be showing Black Panther: Wakanda Forever when I’m there in a week’s time. Pretty please.

Of course they did.

RT @borenbears@twitter.com

Twitter ends enforcement of COVID misinformation policy (from @AP@twitter.com). https://apnews.com/article/cc232c9ce0f193c505bbc63bf57ecad6

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/borenbears/status/1597748980649263104

Criminal Minds, the guilty pleasure 

It’s a shame they didn’t managed to get Daniel Henney back for . The show has always been a guilty pleasure and it’s fascinating they’ve incorporated the pandemic into Season 16’s storyline.

Post-Covid recovery 

@thesiswhisperer Small victories over this damn virus? 😅😂

Post-Covid recovery 

@thesiswhisperer Indeed! Slowly but surely! I am glad it is towards the end of the year, and not right smack in the middle or the start of a semester so at least there’s some time for a break!

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