Did you know that you can now link your Mastodon handle to your Commons profile?

Just go to Edit under your photo when you are logged into the Commons and under Institutional or Other Affiliation you'll find the field to add it!

Use the format @YOUR USERNAME@hcommons.social and don't forget to save changes at the bottom.


Several updates from hcommons.social admin land:

1. I'm admitting new accounts out of the request queue this morning, and then I'm going to shut down requests for a little while in order to make sure service doesn't degrade.

2. In the short term, keeping things running requires period process restarts. They happen very quickly but you may see 502s or other errors if you're in the right place at the wrong time.

3. In the long term, we're going to embark on a significant instance rebuild, in order to try to make things around here more resilient. That will of course require some planned downtime; we'll keep you posted as we get there.

Let me know if you have questions!

Big shout-out to @kfitz and @sramsay for keeping hcommons.social alive! It's a lot of work to manage a server and to keep it open for so many. Thanks for all of your hard work!

2/2 members can access the most recent operating statistics reports on UP Commons: business.up.hcommons.org/data-

Otherwise, some of these numbers are cited in our 2021 Annual Report here: 2021annualreport.up.hcommons.o

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Yesterday's marvelous NYT reflection on the bibliodiversity fostered by did contain one common misapprehension.

Most books that a UP takes a risk on ("publishing with love" as bookseller Devon Dunn put it) aren't subsidized by a university. In reality, institutional budget allocations to UPs comes to ~14% of UPs' book sales. 20% of presses reporting operating stats to received zero financial allocation from their institution in 2021. 1/2

"The same book doesn’t have to matter to everybody, but everybody ought to have access to books that matter." Margaret Renkl on in the NYT for


It's University Press Week! First celebrated in 2012, this annual event highlights the vital that the community produces and the dedicated & brilliant labor of the UP workforce.

In 2022, we look to what's in the scholarship, voices, people, and plans of the UP community. Follow on this and 'the other' platform, and check out more at upweek.up.hcommons.org

Time for an ! I am on the staff of the Association of I've worked in scholarly, literary, and feminist publishing—mostly but a long time ago in the actual work. Despite a bad habit of picking up degrees that claim the opposite, very much a jack-of-all-trades in that old binary saw.
is a proud partner society on Humanities Commons up.hcommons.org

Was curious if it would work and here we are :) #ReadUP trending on Mastodon for the first time!

University Presses are superheroes of the publishing world. Mission-oriented, they publish books that matter and that make the world better in 1, 2, 5, 10, 100 years.

Go buy a book :) If you need a recommendation - reply here and I'll send you a completely random selection from @mitpress that I think anyone would like.


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