Anyone else out there think that season 4 of Westworld = garbage?!

Somehow my students convinced me to bring my accordion into class today.

@natalie @dh As a general purpose annotation tool for a multipage manuscript, #tropy is pretty good. (It's even better if you have multiple multipage manuscripts in the same project.) A combination of annotation boxes and controlled tag vocabulary could work well for you.

2 December: "Wesołych Świąt!" (Merry Christmas!) Austro-Hungarian Christmas-card in Polish.

#AdventCalendar #Christmas #Christmas2022 #WW1 #History

Occasionally, we will feature new publications on themes related to the New Fascism Syllabus. In our latest weblog post, Lucie Fremlova provides the first detailed study of queer Roma, who continue to face discrimination both under authoritarian and liberal regimes.


Tags: #History #Histodons #Homophobia #Queer #Roma #Romani #Sexuality

👋I moved to a new instance so here's my #introduction

I'm a #historian @ #INALCO Paris, the place to be for language lovers!

I work on #Balkans #Italy #Ottoman and #Mediterranean #History

My new book (👇/bio) is about #Empire and #Youth

My current project is about #smuggling & #trafficking in the Mediterranean


My posts: history sources, academic events & problems, Paris & travels, food

Free time: Cooking, Guitar, #JuventusFC, Beaches, Hiking


: I’m wondering what the range of opinion is out there on a teaching/grading issue I’m currently wrestling with. I have, as one does, a few students who not only don’t participate in class discussions (which is explicitly included in the syllabus as taking up 20% of their final grade) but they also habitually chat with people online or watch videos on their laptops. What would you do?

: Is it really a proper Denny’s if all of the lights on the neon sign are working?!

@bhawthorne definitely thought about it! but then I would be fabricating grades (and implicitly saying that grades are the result of the whim of a professor and not earned) and I would also be invisibilizing the striking effort of the graduate workers... and well, it is also their job to input grades, so I would also be picking up their struck labor so... I think the only solution here is for the UC to bargain in good faith and reach a fair deal!

Hey, #Histodons, @JCzierpka has joined Mastodon. She is doing excellent research and teaching on coal, iron, and steel history in Germany. Follow her for industrial history from where the German heart of steel and coal once beat.

I brought a few of my collected neo-fascist posters from contemporary Italy into my “Comparative Fascisms” course at UCLA tonight. 👀

If you post links to Twitter, it just makes Mastodon Twitter via another website. The point of coming to Mastodon is to leave Twitter and start a new community. A better one.

Hi, historians! I’m looking forward to hanging out in this space. I’m a historian of 18th-c France interested in women and gender, science and medicine, and new ways of writing about the Enlightenment. I’m an associate prof at Bowdoin College, although I try to leave Maine for France whenever I can.

Moved over from #Twitter a few days ago so I guess it's time for an #Introduction. I'm a Professor of Law at Fordham Law School in NYC, and also Director of Fordham Law's Center on Race, Law, and Justice. I teach and write in the areas of #criminaljustice, #policing, race, gender, sexuality, and tech. But I'm interested in pretty much everything, including

My latest article, "Bloodstained Books in Renaissance Sicily: The Library of Matteo Barresi, Marquis of Pietraperzia," is out! Incredibly grateful to I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance for hosting this side project of mine—which triangulates book collecting, princely fantasies & murder in sixteenth-century Sicily.


(Get in touch if you don't have access and would like to read it! I'll send you a DM with a copy.)

@histodons @litstudies @bookhistodons

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