Finally logged out of and deleted the bird app on the phone. Stopped posting a couple weeks ago. Now, no more peeking either.

Shout out to everyone else in education having dreams these late fall days about being late to class, forgetting what you're covering that day, or having to write a final exam in under two hours.

1. XTC, Skylarking (1986)
2. Prince and the Revolution, Purple Rain (1984)
3. Stereolab, Mars Audiac Quintet (1994)
4. Talking Heads, Speaking In Tongues (1983)
5. Beach Boys, Pet Sounds (1966)
6. New Order, Technique (1989)
7. Portishead, Dummy (1994)

Yeah, this is probably fair.

This is a logical and plausible strategy for Disney, and the sooner the better. That said, Hulu is only a US platform; they'd need to launch a globally-accessible versions of the FAST in different markets to get the biggest benefit.

White Lotus S2 thoughts 

In contrast, Lucia and Mia at least have a system and even goals, and they see and understand the buttons they can push in men (and women) more than any other characters, even if they might not yet appreciate the close horizon of their youth.

But Valentina unfortunately has not gotten as much story as would have been ideal as a lonely (and most likely closeted) lesbian. I just want her to find some happiness, more than any other character.

What do you think so far? Where do you think it's headed? And who's going to end up dead?


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White Lotus S2 thoughts 

The three generations of sad men also work to show how hetero men's treatment of women is socialized and perpetuated. Bert is well past denial of the devastation of his lusting, and deep into the pasture of DGAF and waiting-to-die leisure. Dom, in the middle of the sandwich, is tortured, self-loathing, resentful of his father, and mourning a wasted adulthood of neglecting his wife and family. And poor, poor Alby is just starting to figure out that women and relationships are much more complex than his well-intentioned "enlightened" posturing.

Tanya and Portia are an odd but complimentary couple, both uncertain, self-absorbed, and suspicious, yet also too taken in by others' flatteries. I don't know exactly where that thread is headed, but the portents of something not-good are all there (especially after the last episode).


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White Lotus S2 thoughts 

Trying to get a bit of TV talk going here; walk right past if that's not your thing!

It took a couple episodes to warm up to this season, but I’m really enjoying it. It was smart of Mike White to narrow the focus a bit more to the expectations and disappointments of relationships, and especially the pathos of hetero fantasies in that Sicilian vacation environment.

We’re getting several flavors of this theme, and I love how they mix and contrast each other.

The married couples are spectacular in their functional dysfunction (something that he nailed in S1 as well). It’s brutal but effective how Harper and Ethan don't quite work as a couple (they seemingly have zero chemistry), yet Cameron and Daphne clearly do, despite their unapologetic 1% entitlement and manipulations of others, and their systematic mutual betrayals.


A bit late to the party, but this is a delightful take on several genres converging on jazz and hip hop.

DOMi & JD BECK, NOT TiGHT (2022)


Spent a great evening on the headphones with Audacity and a few of my old LPs. Gave them a bit of noise reduction, added some metadata, and then on to FLAC and my Plex library.

I’m agnostic (or polymorphously perverse?) in loving both the tactility and feel of analog, and the convenience and flexibility of digital.

Looking forward especially to backing up my 7” and 12” singles from the 80s, and my mom’s 7” singles from the 50s. Yes, some tracks are probably more easily available on streaming. But that’s very much not the point.

Hi, folks. Today's a perfect day to say thank you to our hosts with a donation to support the hcommons Mastodon server.

I don’t think we’ll ever reach a clear consensus on virtual vs in-person academic conferences. But there’s still plenty we can keep doing to explore and optimize the available options, and aim to provide everyone with viable solutions.

One of the interesting things about genre franchises these days is how Star Trek pretty much bypassed Gen Z due to its "wilderness years" from the mid 00s - mid 10s. Unless they were led into it by family, I'd find it highly unlikely (though not impossible) that anyone born since 2000 would have gotten into Trek on their own.

(Yes, the series have been on most major streaming platforms for years, but sheer availability never = visibility.)

I had to remind my students that it's (still) a big-ish deal as entertainment IP, but almost none of them had ever seen any of it beyond a few well-circulated memes and maybe one of the Abrams films.

That said, we all need to be honest: most of the most passionate audiences of the major genre niches (Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, RPGs, fantasy, anime, manga) are over 30, and in most cases, well over 30.

I would have to imagine there's a MASSIVE discussion to be had around production coordinators, line producers, and VFX coordinators right now about reassessing budgets.

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There's no easy fix out there for the media giants to make streaming profitable at the now-expected scale. As at least Netflix has learned and applied this year, things have to scale back, and that'll have impacts from everything from the quality of craft service all the way up to the number of executives.

That was a LOT of email to triage after an extended holiday weekend. Jeez, folks.

US politics 

Good morning/afternoon to everyone except election-denying and -blocking county officials and candidates and the fascists who encourage them.

Beautiful day trip to Austin on a much, much appreciated sunny and seasonal day. Only marred a bit by the traffic on 35 that added an extra hour to the drive home. 🙃


Another great NTS show. This is the label 99Ginger’s jazz show from Paris, w/Clarisse Prévost and Kirou Kirou.

Just made a literal eleventh-hour vinyl purchase of one of today’s new RSD releases for an Xmas gift. Phew!

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