I do miss working on all the research projects all the time. New life demands it tho. Next few years has me doing more teaching or enabling others how to do what I did the past 10 years: the classroom, grad collaborative projects, the Mellon grant, archipelagos—basically supporting others...

...with a little found time for rediscovering my own writing and solo research work. Let's see how that goes to keep me juiced up.

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Now accepting applications for Graduate Assistantships at Greenhouse Studios .

Looking for prospective in students as well as current UConn students:


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AI tries to Césaire 

Hey OpenAI, could you please "write a new poem by Aimé Césaire on the theme of the Haitian Revolution"

How Césaire becomes Victor Hugo. LOL. My guess for why it went full-on Romantic is the overabundance of those poems on the internet.

"The Haitian Revolution has just begun" is a straight line from the translation I'm publishing on Duke Press next year. It does not exist on the internet. You can try by searching for that exact line in quotes on Google. It's not such a far fetch though. The Cahier is online in English and has the line "The work of man has just begun." That's probably how it put that one together.

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For me, one of the most astonishing things about deep learning is that the underlying mechanism is alarmingly, almost insultingly simple. I am just old enough to remember first-wave AI (Racter anyone? I had a copy when I was teenager!). I'm certainly old enough to remember the AI Winter. Honestly, the sort of things people were doing with logic-constraint programming and "expert systems" and all that was way, way more complicated.

I don't mean to suggest that it's easy to roll out your own Transformer, or that the math isn't a bit hairy (though I can certainly think of worse things...). But really, OpenAI is a sorting hat. It's amazing! It is, as Clarke put it, indistinguishable from magic. But deep down, it's a hat. That sorts.

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Unabashedly enthusiastic grad students are the life-blood of academia. The whole profession would do well to form itself around fostering their joy, instead of... whatever it's doing now.

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They’re really turning up the pressure on UC faculty to pick up struck labor. We’ll stand strong, but anything you can do will help a lot! Here are some ways to support the striking workers. #fairucnow fairucnow.org/support/

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time! This account represents Digital Humanities Quarterly, an , , covering all aspects of in the .

We’re published by @ach and the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) and indexed in Web of Science.

At DHQ we publish , , , , , , , and of , , and and .

If you’ve moved over from Twitter or are newly part of the community here we’re excited to continue connecting with you all and sharing the latest and most cutting-edge work being done in the field of DH.

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I'm privileged to be an advisory board member for The Maintainers, an interdisciplinary research network focused on #maintenance, #care, and #repair. Join us next week for a presentation by our ecologically-minded Maintainers Movement Fellows: "Embodying #Degrowth:" themaintainers.org/announcing-

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The Public Historian is a peer-reviewed journal (of the National Council on Public History) that reviews books, exhibits, podcasts, films, tours, and other products of historical interpretation by historians and community members. The journal is especially looking to review more public history programming.
ncph.org/publications-resource #PublicHistory

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@OpenScienceFeed We are a new #openscience blog based on #digitalhumanities and we are calling for articles in english, portuguese or spanish. Please, share this message to your community.

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Greetings to you, from the most perfect holly leaf skeleton ever:

Quick question for . What is the name of the literary scholar (woman) who is now credited with doing distant reading earliest? 1950s I wanna say. Did not use computers, but definitely used quant methods and stats. It's slipping my mind, or my mind is slipping, one of those two.

The Universal Library 

This essay, "Dreams of the Universal Library," by Andrew Hui, summarizes my daydreams of many many years—genealogies of the universal library...

I've had this book in me for years. Without ever losing sight of these fantasies, I trace the actual libraries and archives that became—the one formed by race, capital, empire... I probably will start writing that book after the next one on Césaire. Might never finish it, but will definitely start it: From Hernand Columbus to Google.


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Good morning, and welcome back from the holiday to observing US folks! hcommons.social is up and running smooth as silk, I’m happy to report. Our apologies once again for the bumps (and losses) we experienced in the transition to our new server environment. Now that we’re settled in, I’m turning my attention to some questions of community . I’m looking into Loomio as a suggestion and decision-making platform, but I’d love to hear if there are more suggestions out there!

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The Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium (DEFCon) is giving away $100K in grants for teaching and programming at the intersection of #DigitalHumanities & Ethnic Studies. Applications due January 13, 2023.


Webinar: December 5th at 6pm EST/3pm PST


For what is worth @kfitz @sramsay my social graph was intact. Thank you both for the work you did this week. Grateful. 💐

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This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for the server mods.

Touchdown, San Juan Puerto Rico, for our 9th annual Caribbean Digital conference. Very happy to be back in person (with cautions). A few of us have been building, nurturing, supporting the in the Caribbean for more than a decade now. Sometimes you do something long enough and work hard it and, low and behold, you start seeing results. That is such a good feeling, guys. Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the conference. Hopefully in New York. I want it to be a huge celebration of the work that got us here. But first, let's kick ass in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷🎉 caribbeandigitalnyc.net/2022/

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