One of my favorite The Caribbean Digital (TCD) traditions is the unveiling of the poster for the annual conference. I swear, every year, love this things. Still same designer. Secret weapon, too, per their own request. Once we hit 10 posters next year I'm printing out the whole run and papering my office—as this one is being plastered all over UPR-Rio Piedras as we speak.

San Juan, here we go!

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@elotroalex this must be about tech because - I see Red onions and a bun and my guts telling me this isn’t abt food

@BushinskiSusan lol. Definitely about digital humanities, so tech + scholarship. but trust me, there will be pork sammiches with onions, as the picture suggests...except it's not pork, it's a close up of an art piece where the meat is a human being done by our artist in residence. You can see the whole thing here

@jose_eduardo Caribbean studies has been always pretty lit. Glad I can still be a part of it while doing this DH thing 😀

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