Good morning @dh et tech-leaning mastodons, do you know of any good data sets/dictionaries for plant names (English, but also French and Spanish welcome)? Trying to do some entity extraction from a corpus of Caribbean fiction in the 20th century for some eco-criticism research.

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@elotroalex @dh If you go on libgen and look for "enciclopedia plantas" and "enciclopedia animales" you will find some helpful stuff

@elotroalex @dh Not sure if she's here, but over on birdsite lidia_pdv might have some (multilingual) ideas for plant name lists.

@quinnanya asking them over there now! I think the wikidata lod stuff might be the answer for multilingual, but let's see what they recommend. Thanks, Quinn!

@JonathanReeve @quinnanya lol. got a timeout on that query. humans gotta stop naming all these plants 🤣🤣🤣

@JonathanReeve @quinnanya love it! thank you JR. Gotta come by and visit y'all soon. I haven't been back to NYC even once. lol.

@elotroalex @dh I believe that the Plant Humanities Lab ( used a bunch of Wikidata-based LOD datasets.

@scrivenersmith @hcayless @katinalynn @scott_bot thank y'all! It's starting to look like Wikidata-based LOD datasets and GBIF are going to be the winners. 🎁😊

@elotroalex (or some other dataset available on gbif, take a gander)

@ctschroeder nice one! yeah, don't expect german names to appear in this corpus. Nice to know it's there for other projects.

@elotroalex @dh

Check this out. Served me well for a seminar paper I once wrote on Césaire, Chamoiseau and Maghrebi poets

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