One of the best things I learned yesterday at the UVA 30 years of DH thing, was the concept of "asemic writing." I can't believe this is the first I hear that thing has a name. HT @mkirschenbaum

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@elotroalex @mkirschenbaum this is fascinating. I didn’t know there was a term for this. Thanks for sharing.

@elotroalex @mkirschenbaum
You're gonna love Hanne Darboven, one of my all time fav artists

@elotroalex @mkirschenbaum this was a revelation to me also—I’d been looking for a word for this & Matt provided it!

@ryancordell @elotroalex @mkirschenbaum there’s a Facebook site devoted to asemic writing. Some very nice things get posted there…

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