AI tries to Césaire 

Hey OpenAI, could you please "write a new poem by Aimé Césaire on the theme of the Haitian Revolution"

How Césaire becomes Victor Hugo. LOL. My guess for why it went full-on Romantic is the overabundance of those poems on the internet.

"The Haitian Revolution has just begun" is a straight line from the translation I'm publishing on Duke Press next year. It does not exist on the internet. You can try by searching for that exact line in quotes on Google. It's not such a far fetch though. The Cahier is online in English and has the line "The work of man has just begun." That's probably how it put that one together.

Our next project was first presented today at the Suprema Corte de México. The project is called "No Estan Solas" and it will be launched soon in English and Spanish for the public. The project focuses on the grassroots (re)searchers in Mexico trying to find their kidnapped or missing loved ones. It is both a project for them, to help them share knowledge with each other, but also a project to center their plight, to bring public attention to it, on both sides of the border. We are happy the project is already doing work at the highest echelons of power in Mexico.

One of my favorite The Caribbean Digital (TCD) traditions is the unveiling of the poster for the annual conference. I swear, every year, love this things. Still same designer. Secret weapon, too, per their own request. Once we hit 10 posters next year I'm printing out the whole run and papering my office—as this one is being plastered all over UPR-Rio Piedras as we speak.

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