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Whatever you think of Matt Yglesias’s politics and persona, he has something important to say about what works and what doesn’t on the web and why

Hypothesis: journalists breathlessly writing takes about how will kill student essays (and thereby doom the professoriate) are projecting.

I'm actually thrilled about "killing" the student essay. It will force me to make some (already necessary) changes to my . I have 75 undergraduate essays to read next week. Next year I may not have any.

@JenHoward AI is definitely going to *change* the college essay, and it’s up to us to decide how

Announcing the latest online exhibition organized by the ACM @siggraph Digital Arts Community (DAC)! “THE FUTURE PAST VS. COLONIALITY: Decolonial Media Art Beyond 530 Years,” curated by Liliana Conlisk-Gallegos. Also now on-site at @SIGGRAPHAsia 2022. decolonial-media-art.siggraph.

OH at :

"When a U and an X love each other very much, they come together to make a UI"

@natalie @dh As a general purpose annotation tool for a multipage manuscript, #tropy is pretty good. (It's even better if you have multiple multipage manuscripts in the same project.) A combination of annotation boxes and controlled tag vocabulary could work well for you.

Twitter is full of bots

Mastodon is full of academics playing with (OpenAI) bots

Foolish me. I spent the weekend worrying about the effects of large language models on our educational mission.

Apparently it take a true visionary like billionaire venture capitalist, backer, and Musk-stan Marc Andreessen to see that the real problem in the AI space is that these academic fields like AI Ethics and AI Safety are trying to CENSOR perfectly innocent algorithms that are simply minding their own business and preserving or exacerbating societal injustices.

The word “censorship” has been so ab/misused that it has lost all meaning

We're seeking a Technical Lead to oversee OpenArchive's overall technical mission!

We've extended our "priority" deadline to Dec. 10th! ✨

If you are passionate about helping people create secure, robust, personal archives to preserve mobile media, especially media made by historically marginalized communities, or are just interested in making secure archiving tools more usable, we’d love to hear from you!


New blog post, "Understanding A Protocol", in which I discuss my experience implementing ActivityPub and the next steps for @takahe.

Set up a profile… Seems like a pretty generic Twitter clone (with tips)

I've been thinking a lot about Twitter and failure lately. And the absurdist Gladiator spectacle that we're all watching. I decided to turn it into a blog post:

I wrote about how, during the first year of the pandemic, #Radiohead helped me deal with my chronic #anxiety and reconnect with my emotions after years of shutting them out.

Sometimes sadness is good

Hey everyone! My #introduction - I'm a public historian w/ deep interest in the National Parks & NPS. Also interested in NC history, #CampusHistories & higher ed politics. I direct a wonderful, fluid grad program at Duke--the MA in Liberal Studies. I recently learned to drive stick!

New professional development opportunity from Greenhouse Studios 

Excited to announce the launch of , a new and opportunity from at @uconn

Aimed at improving and skills among project managers and team leaders in and allied fields, NetWorkLab will bring together a cohort of 24 participants for a year-long, completely online program of learning and doing under the instruction and individual coaching of Greenhouse Studios staff.

The program is funded in part by a $249,000 grant from the Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities program.

Application information and schedule coming soon! @dh @histodons

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