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Hello, people of !

Time for a quick : I am a literary historian, so I'm looking forward to meet fellow , , and everything in between.

I will mostly toot on:

- Late , and manuscripts from Italy and other areas of Europe and the Mediterranean. Exchanges between languages, cultures, and regions are my jam!

- Everything related to premodern texts and questions of identity-making and community building. That includes gender, race, class, and how they intersect in the history of Italian literature and culture.

- Books, manuscripts, and art, especially from premodern Italy. If something made a premodern reader happy (like the manuscript below), it makes me happy, too.

You can also find me on : @lauraingalli


Have you received your Ph.D. in Italian Studies after Jan. 30, 2018? Come work with me! The Department of Italian Studies at the University of Toronto is accepting applications for a one-year postdoctoral fellowship starting July 1, 2023.

📅 Due date Jan. 30, 2023. Please share widely! Link: @litstudies @histodons @medievodons @intellectualhistory

PCRS friends, can you direct me to some readings on the racialization of Irish folks in premodern & early modern Europe?

I'm especially curious to see if there are studies documenting the reception of English discourse (i.e. the representation of the Irish as barbaric people to be colonized/subdued) elsewhere in early modern Europe

@litstudies @histodons @medievodons

With much joy and love and gratitude, I wish to announce the publication of Race-ing Queens, a Special Issue of Barnard Center for Research on Women’s The Scholar and Feminist Online, co-edited with Sonja Drimmer (art historian), Treva B. Lindsey (Black feminist historian), and yours truly (literary critic). This special issue has been in the works for more than three (pandemic) years, and is the brainchild of the visionary mentor, colleague, and all-around Queen, Kim Hall. It is transhistorical, interdisciplinary, and open-access (and we are hoping, teachable)

Please read our intro here, a manifesto of liberatory queenship:

"our analysis of queenship as a project of liberation and elevation is inseparable from our aspirations for global social justice. In this imagining, queenship symbolizes emancipation and community, where racial capitalism gets dismantled, and with it the criminalization of migration; housing and food insecurities; anti-trans legislation; mass incarceration and police brutality; and anthropogenic climate change. Queens dream and rise together."

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love those renaissance paintings where something is stuck to the wall with globs of wax like a dorm room band poster

Making ragù (Bolognese sauce) is a sublime lesson in waiting. Friends are coming to dinner tomorrow, and the sauce has already started to simmer—pippiare, in Neapolitan. It will take hours before everything comes together just right.

The Renaissance Society of America's Virtual Conference runs 30 Nov-2 December: 150+ sessions; recordings & registration available until 31 J!

Every topic under the sun (almost). I'm chairing a panel on sacred & profane eating & drinking, and another on Christian colonizations and political expansions.

Reduced member rate of $45 for students, independent scholars, adjunct instructors, and many more
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Queen Catherine of Braganza
Brislington Pottery, c. 1680-1685

(V&A Museum, London)

Black Friday!
Cyber Monday!
Throw off your Chains Tuesday!
Seize the Means of Production Thursday!

Strong (and completely accurate) opinion buttons at our Department.

Hi fellow and other teaching in .

I will be teaching a next semester (capped at 250 students).

Has anyone done in large classes?

A question for my academic peeps in the humanities: Say you have a very small piece of scholarship (circa 1.5-3k words) that you want to share with the world; something narrow but fun, and you just want to get it out of your system without developing it into a full essay for a peer-reviewed publication.

What are the best available options? I have published pieces like these as blog posts on my personal website in the past, but I would be interested in sustainable options—especially for long-term accessibility and citability.

@academicchatter @litstudies @academicsunite @phdlife @earlymodern

My latest article, "Bloodstained Books in Renaissance Sicily: The Library of Matteo Barresi, Marquis of Pietraperzia," is out! Incredibly grateful to I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance for hosting this side project of mine—which triangulates book collecting, princely fantasies & murder in sixteenth-century Sicily.


(Get in touch if you don't have access and would like to read it! I'll send you a DM with a copy.)

@histodons @litstudies @bookhistodons

It is always useful to read calm, rational, objective, tranquil commentary on the texts of world literature, just like Giovanni #Boccaccio on #Dante #Inferno 6 || @litstudies @medievodons @renaissance @italianstudies

💸 💸 💸 question for and tooters:

How much does it typically cost to restore a paper manuscript in overall bad shape? (e.g., with pages damaged because of humidity and ink corrosion)

@histodons @bookhistodons @medievodons

portrait of a woman on fire

Wenzel Jamnitzer and Abraham Jamnitzer, Statuette of Daphne with Coral Tines (c. 1580-86); Dresden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen

since more and more people are joining just wanted to re-announce that tricia matthew and i are editing a book series on race in nineteenth-century literature and culture -- details in the flyer below and more info at send us proposals and/or share with others!

#litstudies #race #empire

Ooh, what an opportunity--a weeklong online Rare Book School course on forgeries taught by Nick Wilding, unmakser of the fake Galileo.

Brief history of Lourenço da Silva #Mendonça, 17thC #African #abolitionist
José #Nafafé from University of Bristol recently wrote a book about this fascinating man born in Kongo in the mid-1600s. Mendonça was the grandson of King Hari of the Kingdom of Ndongo, a breakaway state of Kongo. In 1671, after the defeating Battle of Kombi with Portugal, the Ndongo royal family was exiled to Brazil.

#AfricanHistory #histodons #BlackMastodon /1

FYI @BlueScholarian

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