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Howdy! So glad to be here with you all! Miguel Guhlin here from , , USA. I'm an (formerly Technology Director and Instructional Tech Director).

Read my blog entry making sense of and the at

I love to share blog articles I write from my own blog (Around the Corner at and the non-profit education association blog for (

Some of my hashtags for your consideration:

As a public good, “public school is meant to create capable citizens who possess the practical skills necessary to participate in democracy.”

#PublicEducation advocates need to understand the fundamental ideological disagreement they have with school choice proponents.

Our current moment is decades in the making. If you're passionate about public education, there's no more time for tiptoeing around.

#Education #EduTooter #EduTooters @edutooters #teaching #K12 #teacher

Moved from 🐦 to 🦣, and from to My transformation to nerdom is complete.

As Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Stripe, Shopify, Lyft, Netflix, and Microsoft lay off workers, let it serve as a reminder that free snacks, beer kegs, and ping pong tables are not real perks.

Do you know what is? Being part of a union that will defend you.

#introduction I came on here in order to be a new and better person to the one I was on Twitter, more open and respectful, less preening and rude. Lol, no, I came on mastodon bc I was doing a feature for the Guardian on mastodon, but in the course of it I realised I could stand to be less preening and rude. Hi everyone. I'm nice now.

Happy to connect here as professor, lab director, educator, and researcher. My lab (Brain, Education, and Mind - BEAM) studies the development and difficulties of language and literacy. Our methods include #neuroimaging (#fMRI) as well as #assessments. As a professor, I train future clinicians to understand students and identify areas of strength and challenge, especially relative to specific tasks. #introduce #introductionpost

Great piece by @zoesqwilliams in the Guardian on the struggle to set up in Mastodon and the fun thereafter! Have a read of the article- and also *follow her*.

Article —>

Happy World Philosophy Day, everyone! 🎉

If you ever developed an interest in #philosophy, what got you into it? And who's your favourite philosopher?

In Croatia, we have philosophy in high school. I had a great teacher who focused on ancient philosophy, so when I read Heraclitus for the first time, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I admired how much could be said in so few words. He's still one of my favourite philosophers, along with the rationalists.


The latest Mastodon update lets you follow hashtags. When you follow, posts with that tag appear in your timeline automatically.

For example, follow hashtag #Florespondence to make posts about flowers appear in your timeline.

This feature can be REALLY useful for discovering interesting accounts.

To follow a hashtag:
1. Log in through your server's website
2. Search for hashtag
3. Click it to see its results
4. Click on 👤+ icon in top right (click again to unfollow)

It's not on the apps yet.

“Twitter has changed, and I’m not just talking about Elon Musk’s blue verification fiasco. No, the changes started long before that. For educators, the glory days were 2007-2010 or 2011. That’s when there were amazing resources being shared for their value to teachers rather than businesses.

“Science in the Fediverse: What does Mastodon imply for a more decentralised information infrastructure?”

Live videocast with Prof. Dr. Claudia Frick (TH Köln) and Lambert Heller (TIB) about science communication in the Fediverse

is currently the hot topic as an alternative to the short message service Twitter. Many users are currently switching from Twitter to Mastodon, but what is Mastodon? How can I use it? What is the significance of the service for a more decentralised information infrastructure, what role does it currently play in science communication and how will it develop in the future?

Answers to these and other questions about the microblogging service Mastodon in a one-hour live videocast on 17 November 2022 from 11:45.

People have probably seen this but it's a handy guide to all of the buttons on here. I just realized I can turn notifications on for a friend so I definitely don't miss their toots.

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