Did you know that you can now link your Mastodon handle to your Commons profile?

Just go to Edit under your photo when you are logged into the Commons and under Institutional or Other Affiliation you'll find the field to add it!

Use the format @YOUR USERNAME@hcommons.social and don't forget to save changes at the bottom.


Could Mastodon save scholarly societies from declining membership? I for one might consider paying $150/yr for an American Anthro Assoc instance, if it became a hub for expansive anthropological networking and public activism. Thoughts?

What I want to be doing: Writing a post about how groups could work in a federated Commons.

What I need to be doing: Chasing down an interface bug affecting email notifications. 🤷‍♂️

This PR for groups support in Mastodon is making me seriously consider whether we should move away from BuddyPress for the next gen Commons. github.com/mastodon/mastodon/p


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