I did get to visit the fascinating Filmmuseum in Potsdam, where I was shown the still-operational World Cinema Organ, an absolutely mind-blowing machine from the silent film era, used for providing the accompanying sound for films before the advent of soundtracks.

The whole thing is operated from a regular-looking organ in the front of the cinema, which contains pedals labelled "thunder", "train", etc.

I'm in the middle of a long transatlantic journey back home after a few days of stimulating discussions and presentations among colleagues in Europe.

I look forward to a day when I'm not expected to participate in polluting the air from multiple flights for meetings which we all now know can easily take place in virtual and hybrid formats.

Those of us at the start of our careers can't really say no to these things without hurting our working relationships and reputation, but those of you with more power can use it to change the culture around work travel.

I did at least get to experience this magnificent hotel bathroom art, which seems fitting for this platform.

Okay now I'm following a whole bunch of people from all over the place I should probably do another for the other servers.

👋 I'm a postdoc at the University of Alberta () working on gender inequities in screen sector collaboration . Formerly of the parish.

I also do a lot of stuff with character networks (particularly relating to women in film) so if you've seen me before, it was probably doing something like analysing all the dialogue in the Fast & Furious films or the MCU.

I promise not to only post for self-publicity purposes!


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