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This here Fediverse has my mind thinking about conjunctural analyses. So here's my narrative careen, with hastags.

I went to for a BA & MA in English. There my fellow students & instructors showed me how a influenced rhet-comp can be liberatory (+ why it's necessary but insufficient).

From there, I went to a VCS program in Upstate NY. After pursuing more & I received an MA (implied cluster of footnotes here), adjuncted a bit, then went on to .

From 2015 to 2022 I was a , mostly focused on instruction with critical & more general approaches, along with & . I also started a part-time PhD program in English & the Teaching of English.

Now I'm an at ISU. I'm trying to weave in & / systems thinking, plus working on my diss project on informatics/info systems in post-1945 US novels & media.

I will be supporting the #NYT employees tomorrow by not doing the #Wordle! Yes, I will give up my streak in the name of #solidarity. I hope everyone will join me.

"New York Times poised for first mass staff walkout in 40 years"

Shared by my Daughter
"I need privacy, not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are"

In response to "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear"

If you speak a #language other than English, and it has an expression equivalent to "swear like a ____", referring to a specific occupation like sailor, cart driver, etc., let me know! I've gathered a few examples, but the more data I get, the better. #linguistics #languages #swearing #profanity #research

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ALA President-Elect Emily Drabinski on UCLA picket line Thursday, 12/8, 1 PM 

ALA President-Elect Emily Drabinski will be at the strike rally at the inverted fountain tomorrow at 1 PM, and will speak from the steps of the Young Research Library (YRL) at 2 PM. Drabinski is a librarian and former labor leader and led the strike at Long Island University (Brooklyn) as union president just a few years ago.

Please join if you can!

I will miss my morning update from the NYT, but a picket line is a picket line, and I won’t cross ‘em.

Old Mermaid Town is silencing all servers who have signed on to the United Federation of Instances ( (except the ones that are already suspended). This pact is an anti-moderation front; any member of the group is bound to a ceiling above which they will not moderate their users, pushing the moderation work onto admins of instances like ours. We do not accept this additional labour.

Posts will not be blocked, but you will only see posts from these servers in your timeline if you follow them.

Not tagged fediblock; there is no clear and present danger to users.

FYI: is blocking qoto-org. Initially we were just "silencing" them. However, successive actions by the instance admins have boosted that to a full block. Qoto has always been problematic as a "free speech first" server, which means that they tolerate a lot of posts, and members, that are prohibited on other servers. The qoto admins have since launched a campaign of harassing admins of servers who block qoto, as well as trying various hacks to work around defederation ...

Friends, I'm looking for summaries of lessons learned from the pandemic for online, digital higher ed. Not necessarily in the US.

Presentations, summaries, illustrations, one-pagers?

#HigherEd #EdTech #edutooters #FacDev #EdPolicy #OER

Fuzz guitar saunters hirsutely into the back half of The Beths' version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" ( ),

reminding me of Slap Happy Humphrey, in a pleasantly radio-friendly kinda way.

is this a (probably pkm or js) thing? 


Okay, but seriously

The idea that moderation should happen in the manner they suggest

1. If you *wanted* to make it impossible to defederate from a bad instance quickly, and you wanted to give them a chance to continue to abuse users, this is how to do it

2. Mandatory public receipts is a terrible idea if you care about user safety at all and will be weaponized

3. Voting about whether a thing is racist/sexist/homophobic aka having constant referenda about the value of these groups :yikes:

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higher ed, AI, information literacy 

There's a piece on AI and generative writing in the Atlantic and all you really need to know about it is this: Ready access to AI writing means the college essay assignment is dead. I think this is correct, but there's not a great deal more illumination (but there is useful context) in the article. Are we ready to teach information literacy in the post-essay academy? #rhetoricalQuestion

When I give my usual stern lecture on plagiarism (and trust me, I'm not a very "stern" teacher in general), I try to emphasize that plagiarism is ultimately about *lying* -- about the deliberate attempt to deceive other people.

So I tell them that before they ask where they got something, or how much of it they took, or whether it should be cited (or not), that they should ask themselves if they are lying---if they're trying to pull something over on someone. That will usually resolve the matter in seconds. "Accidental plagiarism" is a contradiction (like "unintentional lying"); a poor citation need not imply the slightest attempt to deceive; a distinctive turn of phrase might be a boldface lie; several paragraphs of innocuous boilerplate might not be. And so it goes.

I do not plan to change one word of my usual sermon in light of OpenAI.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day in the U.S., a “day that will live in infamy” for the unprovoked attack by the Empire of Japan upon U.S. forces stationed in Hawaii. But it also marked a dark turning point for Japanese Americans, who overnight became the “enemy.” (1/4)

Call for Participation

Crip Futures: Disabled People’s Desire for Archival Representation

“We are seeking disabled people who have used archives to participate in focus groups around disability representation and archival interventions. This research is conducted by a team of disabled researchers.”

#disabled #disability #representation

How many college radio-style free-association claims can one cram into a toot?

Watch this space as the experiments continue!

(programming C-3PO) you know what this miracle feat of technology needs?? anxiety

Stay home when you're sick.
But it's not #COVID19.
You don't know that.
I tested.
New variants make our tests less accurate.
And COVID or not, why get someone else sick?
It's just a cold.
Hospitals are filling up with people whose illnesses started as “just a cold.”

change narcissist to abusers when discussing abuse and you'll be way more accurate/encompassing rather than mostly ableist

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