Microblogging with Mastodon: Posting Automatically to My WordPress Site

For years I’ve used a Known instance to microblog. I loved using it to record thoughts, get feedback, etc. before posting more broadly. Being a separate system that isn't well tied into my portfolio site and broader network of distribution, it ended up being a collection of things that were largely undiscoverable and which could have easily just been a collection of unlinked writings across multiple platforms.

Hcommons.social offered an opportunity to switch up my work and use posts here as a way to do this work, with PressForward facilitating the connection. Connecting my Mastodon account and my Humanities Commons portfolio site gives me an integrated solution to support and amplify my scholarship. I can use this space to microblog and have it archive and store posts where I can expand them and/or just keep all of my scholarship in my portfolio.

Read more at schopie1.com/

Did you know that you can now link your Mastodon handle to your Commons profile?

Just go to Edit under your photo when you are logged into the Commons and under Institutional or Other Affiliation you'll find the field to add it!

Use the format @YOUR USERNAME@hcommons.social and don't forget to save changes at the bottom.



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