Hey all! Very excited to announce that I'm joining the masthead of Public Books, as co-editor of a new section on "Culture Industries."

Send me your pitches for well-researched pieces on how culture gets made: #publishing #games, #music, #film, #TV. Check out our **fab** series to get a sense of what we're into: publicbooks.org/tag/hacking-th

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I love teaching, but also, after four hours of it... I like not opening the ol' mouth hole for awhile. [Sitting in the dark before the husband and child arrive home]

FYI, I maintain a list of links to for / / courses as an aid for those who may be new to teaching mystery fiction and those who wish to compare their approach to that of their colleagues. Middle school, high school & levels. bit.ly/MysterySyllabi

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.”

Also, are there people who have been super active in the #mastodon community for years who are interested in talking to reporters? A lot of reporters are asking me about mastodon because of my generalized expertise in tech policy / content moderation / decentralization, but ... I'm new here! I don't want to speak on behalf of a community i've just joined. Hmu if you know folks who would be good for this.

I guess because there are new traumas around seemingly every corner these days, we ignore the mass psychological & sociological effects of Covid. We suffered through that misery together (many are still suffering) & just stopped talking about it. seattletimes.com/seattle-news/

It's been almost a week, and there's over 310 #DigitalHumanities people on the DH Mastodon list: tinyurl.com/dhmastodon. 🥰 Link to add yourself is at the top, DM me for changes. @dh

Since I came home from a conference with Covid last Sunday, I’ve been isolated in one room in the house for most of the time. Now I’m out of plague jail and get to read on my porch. It’s pretty clichéd, but I do feel that gratefulness for normalcy coming from recuperation

Really useful (also humbling) for us Mastodon newbs on the cultural differences between this place and that other place, (via @dzorich) hughrundle.net/home-invasion/

Someone cited me in Wikipedia! You guys.... 😭

Mind blown!

Just learned how to "follow" a hashtag. Sheesh. Want a useful thing to do.

But, I'm not sure how to explain it except when using the desktop (i.e. log right into your server without the app).

Type in a # and the word of your choice in the search window. Then it will pull up into a feed in one of the columns that are post (toots) with that hashtag. Then use that add icon. Presto!

See image

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The new #DataSittersClub book is here! HathiTrust is like NYC: it's big, famous, and honestly a little overwhelming for tourists. In DSC 18: "The Data-Sitters HathiTrust Mistake", Cadence Cordell & I tried to write a guide to make it a little easier, with help from @gworthey. If you've gotten stuck before, check this out! datasittersclub.github.io/site
#DigitalHumanities @dh

Just published _A Beginner's Guide to Voyant for Digital Text Analysis_, coauthored with Randa El Khatib, on Humanities Commons. Check it out! hcommons.org/deposits/item/hc:

Departmental email this morning: "we suspect that the move to Faculty360 will involve lots of manually adding things to Interfolio. Budget time to complete this before January."

Me: "Or, hear me out, what if I budget *even more time* learning Tridactyl macros to do it for me?"

The primary volume is also #openaccess and has the more directly literary content: *Of Sunken Islands and Pestilence: Restoring the Voice of Edward Taylor Fletcher to Nineteenth Century Canadian Literature* from the lovely people Athabasca UP #litodons #LitStudies #CanLit #Victorian aupress.ca/books/120305-of-sun

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Put my votes out into the world. Living in a red state means that it often feels fruitless, but still gotta keep the faith.


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