We are the European Society for Environmental History! Our society encourages the comparative study of European #EnvHist and fosters communication between all who share our interest in past relationships between human culture and the environment. You can read more about us on our About page: eseh.org/about-us/mission/
Our next conference will take place in Bern in August 2023: eseh2023.unibe.ch/ #introduction #TwitterMigration

"Nicht nur die Stellung der Assistenten, sondern auch die Stellung der Privatdozenten ist vielfach eine unwürdige."
Max Weber zu #ichbinhanna (1909).

If you're a non-biologist but (for your sins) you have to deal with names like “Nereis (Hediste) diversicolor” or “Hediste diversicolor (Müller, 1776)”, and you’re not sure about where the italics or parentheses or capitals go, here’s a handy guide:

Helloooooo! Since we're all still kinda getting to know each other here, I thought I'd share some of my past work! Here's the time I tried 21 flavors of Mountain Dew.


Mafalda, Matilda, and Jonas, my family’s donkeys a few years ago. I’ll try to stop here with , at least until I find an image of the donkeys’ patriarch, Giulio

That was meant to say “between Lombardy and Trentino”. Both are in Italy.

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More . Two donkeys my friends and I met on our last customary pre-Covid on the Confinale between Lombardy and Italy

JOB (German language expected) Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in (m/w/d) für den Aufbau einer Forschungskooperation mit der Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung - Germanisches Nationalmuseum


Jonas, my mother’s donkey, says hello. He is the heir to Giulio, our family donkey for decades while I was growing up. I’ll see if I can find an old photo of him as well.

How much can I trust the function on ? I can’t find neither a post I just made nor one that just came through my feed …

Online and in person conference

Chernobyl as a Historical Caesura: Environment, Politics, and Society

organized by the Departments of Social Sciences and Humanities of the University of Naples Federico II, the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, the Department of History of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla University, the CNR-ISMED, and the Scuola Superiore Meridionale of Naples.

The conference will take place in Naples on 5-6 December 2022


Zotero continues to be the best reference manager around — #FOSS, made by scholars for scholars. Upcoming features (now available for beta testing) include automatic relinking of #mendeley citations, much faster #googledocs integration, and support for #latex math in notes

If you don't use a reference manager yet (or if you're using a for-profit one like Mendeley or EndNote) you can always give #Zotero a whirl: it's free and doesn't lock you in: zotero.org


Academic communities need infrastructure, just as our local communities do. And infrastructure requires investment, which is why this we’re asking for your support for our Mastodon server, hcommons.social. Read more on our blog: team.hcommons.org/2022/11/29/s

Our leap into Mastodon has been a little stressful and a lot educational. It provides a much-needed alternative to *that thing over there* & we're learning from it to inform our own future development. If you're into the whole thing, consider supporting us this tinyurl.com/yc28usz4

Wir suchen UNBEFRISTET einen Research Software Engineer im Bereich #DigitalHumanities (E13). Bewerbungen sind bis zum 6. Januar möglich! Erforderlich sind Kenntnisse in der #Texterkennung und Lust, an der Erschließung des Nachlasses von Heinrich Scholz mitzuwirken! Mehr unter: uni-muenster.de/Rektorat/Stell

Mit #Vereinbarkeit von akademischer und #Care-Arbeit ist es nicht weit her, wenn Schulferien ständig in den Vorlesungszeiten liegen, dort aber Urlaub gesetzlich verboten ist. 🤷 Das muss besser werden in #NRW! ✊ Wer unterstützt diese Petition? 🙏 Vielen Dank! ❤️ #AcademicParents

A magus resurrects the Norse god Loki and challenges him to invent a weapon that will drive his enemies to madness. Loki surveys the world and produces the single possible object most anathemic to the functioning of the modern mind: A fitted sheet that actually only has three corners, so you're just repeatedly re-stretching it across the mattress thinking you've rotated wrong

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